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    The Devil's Tea Tables

    The Devil’sTea Tables and Other Stories is actually a follow-up to Elk River Ghosts.

    Elk River Ghosts sold so well that the author thought a similar work would be in order. But he gave his book a new twist. Using Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales as the model, Samples takes a group of West Virginia travelers on a tour bus from Charleston, West Virginia to the mountain counties during the “leaf looking” season. To add a little spice to the trip, each traveler is required to tell a ghost story, or some kind of a mountain tale around the campfire each night.

    The stories range from old time ghost stories to a 1950’s drag race. Like Chaucer, Samples introduces the book with a prologue in which each of the travelers is described.

    The travelers include a Webster County mountain man, an unemployed musician who lives off his wife, a slick Cadillac car salesman, and, of course, a skirt-chasing preacher.

    This book has been used in several English classes in West Virginia public schools and is suitable for junior high and high school readers.

    Where to Get The Book

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    West Virginia Book Co.
    1125 Central Avenue
    Charleston WV 25302
    or The Author

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