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    Dust on the Fiddle

    Following on the heels of Mack Samples' first novel, this book picks up Malone's story in 1961, four years after the events in Doodle Bug Doodle Bug Your House is on Fire

    After a year of bumming around the country and three years in the army, Corley figures he ought to settle down and make something of himself, so he enrolls as a freshman at "Mountain View State College." But things never stay settled for long when Corley Malone is around.

    A staunch conservative steeped in the mysteries of the John Birch Society Blue Book, he quickly becomes radicalized when an article he writes for the college newspaper is censored, and he discovers, just beneath the serene surface of the idyllic rural campus, a murky world of power politics presided over by Mountain View State's autocratic president, Dr. Simon Luger.

    Corley takes up with Caleb McClanahan, Mountain View's irreverent Registrar and Director of Admissions, who also happens to be a talented folk musician. Caleb convinces Corley to "blow the dust off his fiddle" and join him for some weekend gigs; the two of them link up just in time to cash in on the burgeoning folk revival of the early '60s.

    When McClanahan is fired during one of Simon Luger's purges, Corley decides to raise some hell as only he can. He and his friends on the Mountain Echo start up a down-and-dirty underground paper, and a full-tilt campus revolt gets underway.

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