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    Elk River Ghosts

    This little 82 page book is a collection of both ghost stories that have been passed along over the years, or factually based incidents that have occurred in the Elk River Valley. Some of the incidents occurred during the lifetime of the author.

    In some cases names have been changed and the incidents altered slightly to protect the innocent (and the guilty). One of the stories concerns the "Porter’s Creek Ghost" which tells the story of an American Indian who purportedly drowned in one of his boats in a “big tide” on the Elk around the turn of the 20th century. His splashings and struggles to get out of the water were heard by horses and people for the century that followed. Is this a ghost story or true story? Another story recounts the hysteria created by the Northern Lights back in the 1930’s. Elk River Pentecostals thought the end had come.

    Hunters will enjoy "The Mystery Buck" and musicians will appreciate "Clem’s Old Fiddle. "

    The stories are all short and the author has been told that Elk River Ghosts makes “excellent bathroom reading”. The little book has sold well into the thousands.

    Where to Get The Book

    get the ebook!

    West Virginia Book Co.
    1125 Central Avenue
    Charleston WV 25302
    or The Author

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